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Texas Holdem Lessons Present: Best Starting Hands

March 10, 2015
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Online poker Texas holdem is fun and lucrative, but if you wish to truly profit from it, you will need an outstanding strategy. This is not a difficult task if you keep in mind two most important factors: the odds and starting hands.

Knowing how to calculate the odds is essential, as this will give you an invaluable insight into Texas holdem lessons gameplay. Strategizing is an important factor of every poker game, so make sure to know what you’re trying to achieve. p>

Assessing your starting hand is one of the most important Texas holdem lessons. Naturally, draws may vary, but you need to know what you can make out of each and every hand, in order to apply your strategy to increase the odds. Listed below you’ll find the ranking of the hands.

Best Texas holdem lessons starting hands:

High pairs: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and 1010.

Ace and high same suites: AK, AQ, AJ, and A10.

Suited face-cards: KQ, KJ, and QJ.

Ace and King (AK).

Average Texas holdem lessons starting hands:

Face card and ten suited: K10, Q10, and J10.

Medium pairs: 99, 88, and 77.

High cards: AQ, AJ, A 10, KQ, KJ, K10, QJ, Q10, and J10.

Ace and Medium card suited: A9, A8, and A7.

Medium suited connecting cards: J9, 109, 108, 98, 97, 87, 86, 76, and 75.

Satisfactory Texas holdem lessons starting hands:

Low pairs: 66, 55, 44, 33, and 22.

Ace and suited low cards: A6, A5, A4, A3, and A2.

Low suited connecting cards: 65, 64, 54, and 53.

Remember to use the benefits of online gambling! You needn’t memorize all the hands immediately, as you will be able to use the internet as a reference. After all, your opponents won’t be able to see you! Combining this huge benefit with another one – free bonuses – you’ll be able to capitalize on your Texas holdem lessons strategy in no time.

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Welcome to Texas Holdem Lessons

November 3, 2014
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This is the only site you will ever need if you are a true poker fan! Just click on our links and banners and you will be safely guided to some of the best online poker sites on the net. And if you are worried about your online safety, we have made sure that all of them are licensed and secure. For the beginners, we have a carefully selected database of informative and helpful articles. Make sure to check them out before you start playing online poker. Join us and have tons of fun!

What is it about online poker sites that puts them in a more favourable position than land based casinos? First of all, they are easier to access. All you need is a computer or a portable device which you can connect to the internet. Secondly, they are available 24/7. Next, there is that thing about being able to play poker from the comfort of your home. People seem to love that! Now, another great feature of online poker sites is the fact that you can get bonuses and other free stuff. This is a way of welcoming the newcomers and rewarding the regular players for their loyalty.

If you want to play Texas Holdem online, you will discover that there many versions of it. Some of the versions are only available online. Depending on the betting structure, you can choose between pot limit, no limit and limit Texas Holdem. The game is subtle and requires a lot of practice to become a professional. At Texas Holdem Lessons you will find all the help you need, just browse through our article section for useful tips and strategies. If you are ready to start playing, sign up at some of our recommended and licensed online poker sites, grab the free bonuses, and have an amazing time in our online poker community! Win Texas Holdem in a matter of minutes!


Tips and Strategies

Texas Holdem Lessons – Before You Start

November 3, 2014
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Hello again and welcome to! Any help you need on how to play the amazing game of Texas Holdem, you can find right here, in our helpful and informative articles. We offer you lessons on how to win, which strategies to use, and many more. Today’s lesson will be about tight vs. loose play.

Texas Holdem is a subtle and an exciting game. Strategically, it is one of the most complex poker games. It might be a bit confusing for beginners, but remember that a little bit of practice can go a long way. Here’s what we can do to help. First of all, think about the hands and when is the best possible time to play or fold them. At showdown, you will need to have the strongest hand in order to win, so play smart. Play the strongest hands before the flop, and remember not to play too many hands, because you certainly won’t be making a profit, if you do. Playing tight (playing with fewer hands) is the way to go, if you are in it to win it.

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